Vidéo  » Cross Off  » ft. Chester Bennington

L’album  » Anesthetik  » est dans les bacs 

The “Cross Off” video, directed by Roboshobo, includes performance footage of Mark Morton with Paolo Gregoletto and Alex Bent (Trivium) who also performed on the recording of song.

Mark Morton comments : « Anesthetic” is finally out!   I’m excited for everybody to hear the whole thing.  We’ve gotten some great feedback in these first few days so thanks to everyone that’s checked it out already.  The guys are coming in this week to start rehearsals for the US tour with Light The Torch and Moontooth.  We’re all looking forward to bringing these songs to you live so come and get loud with us!  We are also premiering the video for “Cross Off”.   Thanks to Paulo Gregoletto and Alex Bent for being a part of the shoot.    Thanks for the continued support and I hope you enjoy the video and the album.“

Morton released the 10-track album Anesthetic on March 1 via WPP Records/Spinefarm. The record, produced by Josh Wilbur and executive produced by Jake Oni, sees him further explore his creative drive for writing and collaboration. Purchase it here.

The full track listing, complete with the list of guest artists, is below. The album was made alongside a dream team of highly respected musicians from a multitude of musical worlds; some friends and some who would never be expected to collaborate with metal genre leaders Lamb of God. Singers on the album include Chester Bennington, Randy Blythe, Jacoby Shaddix, Myles Kennedy, Alissa White-Gluz, Mark Lanegan, Chuck Billy, Jake Oni, Josh Todd, Mark Morales, and Naeemah Maddox. Musically, Morton performs all guitars, with Roy Mayorga, David Ellefson, Ray Luzier, Paolo Gregoletto, Alex Bent, Mike Inez, Jean-Paul Gaster, Steve Gorman, Marc Ford, Yanni Papadopoulos, and Chris Brooks rounding out the band


1. « Cross Off » (feat. Chester Bennington)

2. « Sworn Apart » (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)

3. « Axis » (feat. Mark Lanegan)

4. « The Never » (feat. Chuck Billy + Jake Oni)

5. « Save Defiance » (feat. Myles Kennedy)

6. « Blur » (feat. Mark Morales)

7. « Back From The Dead » (feat. Josh Todd)

8. « Reveal » (feat. Naeemah Maddox)

9. « Imaginary Days »

10. « The Truth Is Dead » (feat. Randy Blythe + Alissa White-Gluz)

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